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Our conference knowledge comes from all sectors and this event knowledge can be shared with you to create a more impactful experience. By utilising our expertise in events management and logistics, along with our brand values, we will deliver the best conference solutions.

If you’re struggling to find the right Presenter or need some help drafting powerful content we can set you up with professional speechwriters and keynote speakers. We can recommend energizers and ice-breakers to set the tone. And if you want to create the right atmosphere we have lighting, backdrops and colour-determined audiovisual effects designed to stimulate your audience in line with their attention span and behavioural patterns.


The calendar year offers a wealth of opportunity to spoil clients. But finding something that’s truly different, engaging and more importantly of interest can be tricky. From an afternoon game of cricket to a weekend in Modena, visiting the famous home of Ferrari – whatever you need to take time out and get to know each other can be arranged.

We’ve become experts at putting Companies in the driving seat to build better relationships with their clients. Every industry and every client is different but generally the best results are achieved through experiences with close links to your customers’ wants, needs & desires.


Our skilled and knowledgeable project managers and event planners will work with you to understand your goals, your requirements and establish how we can work with your own event team. You may only require the use of our delegate registration system, or room lighting for a reception, or the creation of a graphic for your exhibition stand.

We provide services ranging from conference management, providing audio, visual and lighting solutions, as well as exhibition stand design, planning and organising parties and awardceremonies, organising team building events, incentives and of course, Event Management and Logistics.


We specialize in one thing: making your brand real and relevant in the world of today's consumers.

We do it with an array of tools that are customizable to your needs. And it all delivers your marketing message to the people you've got to reach. Because before you can close the sale, you've got to close the distance.


When it comes to private events you are the focus. If you need help we can provide it but your input is just as important. We’ll show you what we’ve done and how we can make it distinctly yours. Our venues, lighting, bespoke bars, mouth-watering caterers, talented performers and professional staff will bring your special occasion to life. We can even do the invites and get a photographer to capture it all, so all that’s left is for you to simply turn up and party.


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